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In Midst of Drug Pricing Debacle, Americans Are Choosing An Alternative Path to Traditional Medical Insurance

Twitter, Solidarity HealthShare

During this period of open enrollment, one talking point that particularly sticks out has been drug pricing. As tends to be the way Congress handles things, the lowering of prescription drug prices as been rather slow as Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) tries to corral members. But Congress isn't the only one getting involved in the issue of prescription drug prices. 

At the start of the month, Solidarity HealthShare announced that they are partnering with online search tools from Drexi to offer sharing with prescriptions. They are the first, and currently only, health share that offers sharing in prescriptions and medications, according to Solidarity HealthShare President, Chris Faddis. CEO Bradley Hahn pointed out that "[m]embers can now receive prescriptions that are far below industry average prices."

Health share ministries, including those like Solidarity HealthShare, are also particularly attractive for Americans who want to be at peace knowing that their medical care costs will not go towards funding medical procedures that they find morally or religiously objectionable, such as abortion or surgery to change one's sex.

One might even find a sense of community with their health insurance in turning to Solidarity HealthShare, as opposed to a more traditional health insurance company, as Faddis and Hahn emphasized in a conversation with Townhall. For example, members can see where their costs are going, such as how families are helping each other out. They expanded to the public about six years ago, and have about 10,000 families as part of the program. 

When asked how he sells Solidarity to members, Hahn mentioned that "the health care system is broken, and there's got to be other solutions in there." He explained that when it comes to this "better solution" they aim for, it amounts to "a fair and just pricing approach to healthcare," with members knowing that they "joiningg a community" and that they "have an advocate," so that they will be "protected" by Solidarity, which will "be by at side" while they "try to get fair and reasonable pricing."

He also emphasized that members also pay a discount.

What sets Solidarity apart from other, more traditional health insurance companies, is the "transparency" prescription drug costs as well, which is something Hahn explained to Townhall they really "address head on" so as to provide "a comprehensive solution for our members."

Previously, Solidarity shared in the cost of incidental prescription costs, such as antibiotics. It's through the new platform that they're able to offer cost sharing with recurring prescription drugs. 

Hahn explained they were particularly involved with the Trump administration when it comes to working for drug transparency. They are "informally" involved in conversations with members of Congress, which they hope to expand upon when it comes to the Biden administration. 

He offered that addressing the problem of drug costs and the transparency "is one way that both the Democrats and the Republicans agree on, for the most part." 

Faddis appeared on EWTN to discuss the health share ministry back in September.

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