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Southwest Pilot Sends AP Reporter into Absolute Panic After Signing Off with 'Let's Go Brandon!'

AP Photo/David Zalubowski

The new anti-Biden slogan of "Let's Go Brandon!" has truly taken the country by storm, as a more polite way of saying "F*ck Joe Biden!" 

A Southwest pilot recently signed off using the phrase, as Colleen Long reported for the Associated Press.

On Friday morning on a Southwest flight from Houston to Albuquerque, the pilot signed off his greeting over the public address system with the phrase, to audible gasps from some passengers. Southwest said in a statement that the airline “takes pride in providing a welcoming, comfortable, and respectful environment” and that “behavior from any individual that is divisive or offensive is not condoned.”

Veteran GOP ad maker Jim Innocenzi had no qualms about the coded crudity, calling it “hilarious.”

“Unless you are living in a cave, you know what it means,” he said. “But it’s done with a little bit of a class. And if you object and are taking it too seriously, go away.”

Long also tweeted about the incident, acknowledging that she "was asking them to open [a] locked cock pit [for comment] and probably sounded insane!"

Long was especially mocked on Twitter for acknowledging such a move "probably sounded insane."

If not for detailing the specific incident, Long's piece would have sounded strikingly similar to a lamentation earlier this month from The Washington Post, the subject of a VIP piece of mine

As Katie also covered, it even resulted in the "greatest correction in history" to do with Donald Trump Jr.

"Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly said a crowd broke into a 'Let's go Brandon' chant during a Donald Trump Jr. speech in Georgia. The crowd broke into a 'F--- Joe Biden!' chant at that speech in September. The error, which was inserted by an editor, has been corrected," the paper stated in an updated version.

Some people are calling for the pilot to be fired as a result or for there to be an investigation. CNN Analyst Juliette Kayyem is especially doubling down on the latter.

In addition to "Southwest" trending on Twitter for Saturday, "#LetsGoBrandon Day" did as well. 

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