Gov. DeSantis Doubles Down in Fighting Back Against the CDC

Posted: May 14, 2021 9:15 PM
Gov. DeSantis Doubles Down in Fighting Back Against the CDC

Source: AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) is not having any of what he calls an "absolute farce" when it comes to a CDC order that requires 95 percent of cruise passengers and 98 percent of the crew to be vaccinated, as well as for ships to go through 60 to 90 days of preparation and test sailing before they can resume full operations. Thus, Florida in April sued the CDC and Health & Human Services for targeting the state and the cruise industry. On Wednesday, the lawsuit went before U.S. District Judge Steven Merryday in Tampa, the Washington Examiner reported.

I recently reported on how the cruise lines are involved as well. Norwegian cruise line's CEO, Frank Del Rio, who is equally candidly less than thrilled with the CDC, is considering not sailing out of Florida. DeSantis isn't backing down, though. 

While Judge Merryday did not rule on Wednesday, he is expected to do so soon. Gov. DeSantis seemed optimistic. "We think we got our points across. We think the judge was receptive. We’ll see what happens."

The governor also found himself in the news for his promise to pardon Floridians who were charged for violating COVID restrictions. He appeared Wednesday on "The Ingraham Angle" alongside Mike and Jillian Carnevale to speak out against such "local government overreach."

The move was applauded by many, especially in light of a tweet from President Biden which forces Americans to continue wearing a mask if not vaccinated. The tweet came on Thursday, after the CDC finally got with the times enough to follow science and update guidelines to say that those who are fully vaccinated do not need to wear masks indoors.