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Newly Uncovered Writings show more Evidence of Warnock's Support for Marxist Ideology

AP Photo/Brynn Anderson

Raphael Warnock’s history of embracing troubling ideologies continues to haunt his Senate bid in one of two runoff elections in Georgia. After refusing to denounce Marxism during a debate with incumbent GOP Senator Kelly Loeffler, newly uncovered writings from Warnock show his support for Marxism and Socialism. 


Senator Loeffler’s campaign laid out evidence of Warnock’s praise of Marxist ideology, as present in his writings.

Raphael Warnock’s writings, teachings and record all reveal his outward, unabashed support for Marxism and socialism. Warnock:

  • Stated that “the Marxist Critique has much to teach the black church”
  • Criticized another author for “trivializ[ing] black struggle against the obduracy of white capitalist forces”
  • Claimed the “white church” was “complicit” in “white supremacy” and “slavery”
  • Said the black middle class should pay more attention to the “hard questions about the distribution of wealth”

As the two runoff elections solidified, Jon Ossoff has teamed up with Warnock in the quest to unseat both Sens. Perdue and Loeffler. Ossoff called Warnock a “moral leader for our state and country,” even while his troubling past continues to become public knowledge. Sen. Perdue’s campaign wondered on Tuesday if Ossoff backs Warnock’s embrace of Marxism, calling his refusal to condemn Warnock’s support for communist ideology “a profile in cowardice.”


"Jon Ossoff's refusal to call out his running mate for his abhorrent conduct is a profile in cowardice," said Perdue for Senate Communications Director John Burke. "Voters deserve to know from Ossoff: does he agree with Raphael Warnock's over-the-top praise of a violent communist ideology? If not, will he finally do the right thing and condemn these radical comments? Probably not because he’s personally being paid by the Chinese Communist government."

The two Democrats, both of whom have embraced far-left ideology, will face Sens. Perdue and Loeffler on January 5. The future of the Senate majority hangs in the balance.

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