Ernst Campaign Calls Out Greenfield's Silence on Cal Cunningham's Sex Scandal

Posted: Oct 05, 2020 11:00 AM
Ernst Campaign Calls Out Greenfield's Silence on Cal Cunningham's Sex Scandal

Source: Caroline Brehman/Pool Photo via AP

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst’s campaign called out her Democrat opponent, Theresa Greenfield, for her  silence on the extramarital sex scandal of another Democrat Senate hopeful. North Carolina Senate candidate Cal Cunningham (D) admitted over the weekend that he sent multiple sexual messages to a woman, public relations strategist Arlene Guzman Todd, outside of his marriage. Cunningham insinuated that he would use a campaign event to meet with her.

National Democrats are standing by Cunningham, and deflected from addressing the scandal. Sen. Ernst’s campaign noted that Greenfield and Cunningham, both hand-picked by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, were fundraising  together just last week. Her failure to address Cunningham’s disgraceful behavior only adds to the scandals she has brought on herself. Greenfield’s previous run for Congress was torpedoed by forged electoral signatures and campaign fraud.

“Theresa Greenfield has yet to condemn Democrat Cal Cunningham’s actions or return the tainted money she raised with him,” said Joni Ernst spokeswoman Melissa Deatsch. “Greenfield’s silence regarding Cunningham, the numerous times her businesses were sued for fraud, or how her last congressional campaign committed felony election fraud says everything about her character and why we can’t trust her.”  

North Carolina is one of the November map’s most competitive Senate races, and viewed as a must-win for both parties in the battle for control of the upper chamber. Cunningham’s fellow Democrats seeking to unseat GOP Senators should be forced to address his contemptible behavior.