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Senate Democrats Torpedo Coronavirus Relief Package

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

After Senate Republicans crafted a targeted, $300 billion COVID relief package, Democrats blocked the legislation, yet again. In need of 60 votes to avoid filibuster and begin discussion, no Democrats joined Leader McConnell’s effort to deliver additional relief to the American people.


After refusing to come to the negotiating table for the majority of the summer, Democratic leadership failed to articulate what line-items in Leader McConnell’s legislation with which they took issue, but blocked the stimulus package anyway, at the expense of the American people. Leader McConnell challenged his Democratic colleagues to voice their oppositions, rather than blindly blocking the legislation, and forced the minority party to publicly vote against economic relief for Americans.


Democrats continually block relief packages that do not include their list of unrelated line items, at the expense of the American people, to score political points in an election year. 

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