Georgia Sen. David Perdue to Introduce Legislation Giving Schools Resources to Reopen Safely

Posted: Jul 20, 2020 3:10 PM
Georgia Sen. David Perdue to Introduce Legislation Giving Schools Resources to Reopen Safely

Source: AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File

Georgia GOP Sen. David Perdue is spearheading an effort in the upper chamber to give educators and parents the resources they need to safely reopen schools nationwide. The Georgia Republican’s Safely Creating Healthy Opening Options Locally (SCHOOL) Act allows schools to develop safe reopening plans in consultation with health care professionals. The legislation connects nurse and health professionals with K-12 school systems in order to bolster testing and preventative practices and streamline data collection. The SCHOOL Act also legislates funding for schools to equip themselves with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and disinfection supplies. 

Sen. Perdue, the son of two public school teachers, said that he hopes to give educators the tools that they need to keep kids learning in a classroom environment safely:

“With the school year quickly approaching, parents, teachers, and students are understandably anxious about eventually going back to the classroom in this current environment,” the Georgia Republican said. “Both my parents were public school teachers and my father was Superintendent of the Houston County School System, so I want to make sure schools can make the best decisions about reopening locally. I want to provide teachers with the tools they need to stay safe and keep our kids learning. I also want to make sure parents have some peace of mind knowing that their students will still have a positive learning experience, while protecting their families from COVID-19.”

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Sen. Perdue’s legislation is the first of its kind, as many Democrats voice opposition to President Trump’s view on reopening America’s schools. The SCHOOL Act will give educators and parents the autonomy to reopen schools safely with the counsel of health experts.