Dave Rubin Exposes the Left's Hostility Toward Free Speech in New Book

Posted: May 27, 2020 12:00 PM
Dave Rubin Exposes the Left's Hostility Toward Free Speech in New Book

Source: National Archives via AP

It takes no expert to see that free speech, a fundamental right enshrined in the Constitution, is under attack. Primarily, free speech sees opponents on the Left side of the political spectrum. Though Democrats once championed the First Amendment, a substantial portion of the Left has resorted to undermining freedom of speech for the sake of currying favor with “woke” progressives. 

Pundit Dave Rubin, host of The Rubin Report, exposes this trend in his new book. “Don’t Burn This Book” focuses on the Left’s recent hostility toward freedom of speech, in exchange for intersectionality and identity politics. Rubin, self-described as a “classical liberal,” recognizes that these attacks on individual rights, for the sake of political gain, primarily come from the Left.

“...in the last five or six years, [the left] has become really just a giant totalitarian movement to just increase state powers. And then when you coupled that with identity politics, which I think is the most corrosive force spreading throughout the West right now, you really have a toxic stew,” Rubin told Townhall. 

“Don’t Burn This Book” rightfully points to college campuses, which are, arguably, the hotspots for hostility against freedom of speech. College-aged students are increasingly opposed to freedom of speech in its entirety, not just when convenient, which suppresses dialogue both in and out the classroom. The average student’s, most of whom are liberal, definition of  “hate speech” has been ballooned to include any speech that is diverse, or possibly uncomfortable. 

These trends, both on and off of campuses, are deeply anti-American and completely undermine the basic fabric of the Constitution. 

You can buy “Don’t Burn This Book” here.