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In an exclusive interview with Megyn Kelly, former Biden aide Tara Reade talked at length about her claim that the presumptive Democratic nominee assaulted her in 1993. Reade alleges that then-Senator Biden “began kissing her without her permission, pushed her against a wall, reached under her skirt, and penetrated her with his fingers,” during a work-related encounter in the United States Capitol. Reade has been largely silenced by Democrats, Biden allies and members of the mainstream media, who are standing in solidarity with the former vice president.


Reade’s interview with Kelly comes on the heels of Biden’s appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe just last week, where he addressed, but denied, the allegations. As Kelly points out, Biden previously said that accusers should be given the benefit of the doubt and the presumption that they are being truthful.

“He [Biden] did say that, in his view, accusers should start off with the presumption that they’re telling the truth. Do you think he’s afforded you that presumption,” Kelly asks Reade.

“No. I mean it’s been stunning, actually, how some of his surrogates with the blue checks, have been saying some really horrible things about me, and to me, on social media. He [Biden] hasn’t himself, but there’s a measure of hypocrisy with the campaign saying it is safe. It has not been safe,” Reade told Kelly.

Reade lamented that she has received death threats, has had her personal information violated and has been called a “traitor to America” on account of going public with her allegations against Biden. She says that the Biden campaign is not taking these claims seriously, despite a commitment to hearing women who bring forth such allegations:

“His campaign is taking this position that they want all women to be able to speak safely. I have not experienced that.”

Kelly then gives Reade the opportunity to express what she would say to former Vice President Joe Biden, if he were watching:

“You and I were there, Joe Biden, please, step forward, and be held accountable. You should not be running on character for President of the United States,” Reade says.


Kelly presses Reade as to whether or not she is calling for Biden to end his candidacy:

“You want him to withdraw?”

“I wish he would, but he won’t, but I wish he would,” Reade says. 

On the prospect of a potential apology from Biden, Reade says “it is a little late.”

Despite the Biden campaign’s best efforts to mitigate Reade’s story, in conjunction with Biden allies in the media and the Democratic Party, the former Biden aide vowed that she would not be silenced or smeared. 

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