Exclusive: Club for Growth Hits Knute Buehler in OR-02 Primary

Posted: Apr 23, 2020 12:15 PM
Exclusive: Club for Growth Hits Knute Buehler in OR-02 Primary

Source: AP Photo/Andrew Selsky

Club for Growth Action, a conservative powerhouse group that supports pro-growth policies, released an ad in Oregon as the GOP primary for the state’s 2nd congressional district heats up. The districtwide ad hits Republican Knute Buehler, calling the congressional hopeful’s liberal record a “disgrace:”

The ad highlights Buehler’s opposition to President Trump, and even reminds those watching that Buehler called for Justice Brett Kavanaugh to withdraw his nomination. Buehler's website boasts a record of conservative votes, a history of "taking on" Democrats and a commitment to Republican values but opposition to President Trump's economic policies and siding with Senate Democrats in their smear against Justice Kavanaugh draws skepticism.

As the ad shows, Buehler, in his own words, called President Trump "incompetent" and "ill-tempered," and said that he has frequently opposed the administration's policies. Amidst a tough primary, Buehler appears to be pivoting on supporting the president:

Buehler served as a state representative in Oregon from 2015-2019, and was the GOP nominee for Governor in 2018, but lost to Democratic incumbent Kate Brown. While this ad buy is not an endorsement in the primary for Oregon’s 2nd congressional district, it makes Buehler's record abundantly clear. 

The GOP primary for the 2nd congressional district is set for May 19th.