Katie Hill Continues the Blame Game

Posted: Feb 20, 2020 10:45 AM
Katie Hill Continues the Blame Game

Source: AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Disgraced former Congresswoman from California Katie Hill is back in the limelight, after launching a PAC to elect women which Hill named HER-Time. George Stephanopoulos interviewed Hill on Good Morning America, in her first big media appearance since resigning from Congress on account of her bizarre sex scandal involving inferior staffers. 

Since her affair became public, Hill’s strategy has been to exclusively play the victim card, as if her unethical affair was anyone’s fault but her own. That narrative continued on GMA today:

Hill’s real mistake is not owning up to her actions, and instead framing the situation as “what happened to her.” No one forced her to have multiple affairs with subordinates, and in turn violate Congressional ethics on various levels. 

The blame-game is certainly an easier avenue for Hill to take, and is warmly embraced by the woke feminist crowd on Twitter, but her narrative is not based in reality. As she said on GMA, Hill also blames her bisexuality for her predicament, but that really has no stake in this. If a male member of Congress, Republican or Democrat, were caught violating the same ethics codes Hill did, they would surely be forced to resign, and rightfully so. If a Republican Congresswoman were caught having multiple affairs with staffers, she would surely be compelled to resign, also rightfully; the only difference in that scenario would be that the feminist crowd would not stand by her. 

Of course, having her private life exposed on such a level warrants sympathy for Hill. Her ex-husband leaking those photos is despicable, and certainly qualifies as revenge-porn. However, Hill still is solely responsible for committing everything that is shown in the photos. Two things can be true: we can feel sorry for Hill having her life turned upside down, while still holding her accountable for those same actions, which violated a host of Congressional ethics codes.