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America Rising Launches Website to Expose Dangers of Green New Deal

AP Photo/Cliff Owen

Self-proclaimed socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) emerged victorious from the New Hampshire primary last night. In the spirit of the Democratic Party’s embrace of a socialist candidate, America Rising Squared, a GOP powerhouse group, launched a new resource-heavy website to expose the dangers of the Green New Deal. 


The Green New Deal is championed by Sen. Sanders and his progressive allies, including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). The legislative pipe-dream would wreak havoc on the American economy as we know it, destroy the energy sector and put the United States on the fast-track to socialism, all on the backs of taxpayers. 

America Rising Squared seeks to expose the danger of the Green New Deal to American voters, the dangers that its socialist champions will not concede:

“The Green New Deal is the most radical proposal ever embraced by liberal politicians. Every American deserves to know how many jobs it could destroy in their state and how much their energy costs could increase should this liberal pipe dream ever be implemented," Communications Director Chris Martin said in a release.

Advertisement will act as a hub for information about Democrats’ policy proposals related to climate. Democrats frequently avoid admitting how many jobs the Green New Deal will cost the economy across all sectors, but this website will answer those questions for them. Included is an interactive map showing the number of jobs at risk if the Green New Deal were to be implemented. 

The Green New Deal is just one policy proposal from Democrats that would create an avenue to socialism in America.

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