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Buttigieg Avoids Taking a Stance on Late Term Abortion

AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall

Democratic presidential contender Pete Buttigieg paints himself as a moderate in the field of progressive, White House hopefuls, but the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana is really just as radical as the rest. Buttigieg has tried to hijack former Vice President Joe Biden’s “moderate” lane in the primary, distinguishing himself as a younger alternative for moderate voters. 

Buttigieg has mirrored the strategy of many other mainstream Democrats on abortion, by using buzzwords such as “woman’s choice” to avoid taking a firm stance on the issue; Buttigieg also typically says that it is not the role of the federal government to regulate abortion access. 

Buttigieg was confronted by Meghan McCain on The View on the issue of abortion. He had initially said that the Bible can be interpreted differently, in that some Christians may not necessarily believe that life begins at conception. When McCain confronted Buttigieg on late-term abortion, which is now accepted by the Democratic Party, he refused to take a stance:

There are compelling arguments for keeping abortion legal in the first trimester, but late-term abortion, when the unborn baby could very well live outside of the womb, is barbaric. The Democratic Party once used ‘safe, legal and rare’ as their legislative Northern Star on this issue, but have now completely abandoned the idea that abortion is a solemn choice between a woman and her doctor. 

Pete Buttigieg is no moderate, despite his attempts to appear reasonable. To avoid taking a stance on an issue that is, quite literally, life or death, is spineless. 

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