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Senate TV via AP

With a tough battle for the Senate majority ahead in 2020, Democrats have set their sights on what they view as flippable GOP seats as they seek to take back the majority. On the Democrats’ radar of states in play is Maine; the seat is currently held by Senator Susan Collins. In addition to being targeted by the Democratic Party, Sen Collins has received harsh treatment by far-left groups since her vote to confirm Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.


The Kavanaugh confirmation caused an absolute uproar of insane rhetoric from the left, and during the process, far-left opponents of Constitutional originalism and the rule of law insisted that the prospect of a then-Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation would lead to a real-life Handmaid’s Tale. This narrative, not rooted at all in reality, was pushed on the heels of the potential for Roe v. Wade being overturned, although Justice Kavanaugh affirmed his support for the law of the land and for Stare Decisis on previous cases. The attacks on Senator Collins were also in regard to the sexual assault allegations launched at Justice Kavanaugh, which had minimal corroboration and evidence.

After her ground-breaking speech on the Senate floor the night before Kavanaugh was confirmed, announcing that she would indeed support the well-qualified jurist, far-left groups waged an all-out war on Senator Collins. Known for her moderate stances, including historical support of Planned Parenthood funding, radical abortion and ‘women’s rights’ groups put a target on Senator Collins’ back for her election in 2020. Collins received death threats, poisoned packages and boxes of coathangers in the mail. A staffer of Collins’ was even told by a constituent that she deserved to be raped. 


Of course, the allegations launched against Justice Kavanaugh were significant and deserved to be deeply considered with all factors at play, and, indeed, Senator Collins did just that. She was one of the last GOP senators to announce her support after insisting, rightfully, on an FBI investigation into the allegations, meeting with the Judge and carefully weighing her support for the nomination. The left could not accept this, though; groups such as NARAL, Planned Parenthood and Emily’s List only support women who embrace their far-left agenda with open arms. 

Although far-left interest money and Democratic resources are being pumped into this race, Senator Collins is still wildly popular and favored among her constituency. Her opponent, Sarah Gideon, currently serves as the Speaker of the House for Maine. RealClearPolitics still has Collins favored at +14 in the head-to-head race. With over a year to go, anything can happen, but these tactics did not work in 2018 and will not work in 2020. The American people overwhelmingly stood by Kavanaugh amidst vicious smears; attacking Senator Collins based on this vote is a bad strategy, and these far-left groups will learn this again in 2020.


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