Insanity: Liberals Promote Self-Induced Abortion

Posted: Jan 15, 2019 11:30 AM
Insanity: Liberals Promote Self-Induced Abortion

Source: Alyssa Keown /The Grand Rapids Press via AP

Just when we thought we had seen it all, alas, liberals have surpassed the reasonable person’s standard for sanity. Far-left feminists are now praising the practice of at-home, self-induced abortions, and calling for ‘stigmas’ to be removed from the concept. Abortions performed outside of a clinic or hospital are actually applauded as empowering for women, per an op-ed in The Daily Beast, promoted by NARAL, of course:

The article follows a new movement, The Self-Induced Legal Abortion Team, which advocates for increased home abortions without legal repercussions. The group sees virtually no safety issue for women with abortions performed at home, with no medical help, and even go as far as to claim that self-induced abortions are a crucial aspect of the pro-choice ideology.

Interestingly, the author makes a point that debunks a large talking point coming from the left in the abortion debate: that women will be forced to rely on ancient methods such as ‘back-alley’ and coat-hanger abortions if any regulations are implemented:

“Because of the safer procedures and a growing support network, advocates say, more women are seeing self-managed abortion as an empowered choice—not an act of desperation,” the article reads.

This directly contradicts the alarmist narrative consistently put forth by the left, insisting that non-medical abortions would be the result of decreased access or restrictions of any kind.

Support for non-medical and at-home abortions is, apparently, growing, despite clear health risks for women who choose this route. In addition to debunking, at least to some degree, the left’s alarmist narratives, this growing support also brings into question whether the increases in funding for Planned Parenthood and lax restrictions, as demanded by the left, are actually necessary. If abortion advocates throw support behind the movement to increase self-induced abortions, their continuous fight for more taxpayer dollars for Planned Parenthood will have even less credibility.