GOP PA Gov. Candidate Scott Wagner Unveils New Economic Plan

Posted: Sep 07, 2018 4:30 PM
GOP PA Gov. Candidate Scott Wagner Unveils New Economic Plan

With the midterm countdown clock winding down, Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner released the economic plan he will implement if elected Governor of Pennsylvania. The detailed plan, steeped deeply in conservative economic ideals, is the staunch opposite of incumbent Governor Tom Wolf’s economic policies, and would undo the severe damage done by Wolf to the Pennsylvania economy.

Wagner’s economic agenda consists of policies that appeal to conservatives, including massive deregulation, elimination of government overreach, lower taxes, job creation and infrastructure development. 

During the tenure of Governor Wolf, Pennsylvanians have been subject to high taxes, burdensome economic regulation and a declining workforce. Wagner’s bold reforms will not only grow Pennsylvania, but will also allow the Commonwealth to reach its full economic potential.

Reversing the devastating economic wreckage implemented by Governor Wolf will not only fix Pennsylvania’s statewide economic status, but will also allow Pennsylvanians to feel the booming effects of President Trump’s bold economic policies. 

Wagner’s bold reform plan not only challenges nearly every economic policy implemented by Governor Wolf, but also insures that the economy will be on the ballot in Pennsylvania come November.

Pennsylvanians do not resonate with Governor Wolf’s far-left, overreaching regulations that rely on the paychecks of Pennsylvania workers, and do not allow the Commonwealth to bring its true economic potential to fruition.

Republican candidate Scott Wagner, hoping to unseat the incumbent once voted as America’s most liberal governor, will face Governor Tom Wolf on November 6th.