PA GOP Grills Democratic Candidates on Their Party's Leftward Tilt

Posted: Jul 19, 2018 9:30 AM
PA GOP Grills Democratic Candidates on Their Party's Leftward Tilt

The Republican Party of Pennsylvania is wasting no time in holding Democratic Congressional Candidates running in the Commonwealth accountable. The party recently launched a questionnaire, sent to all Democratic candidates for Congress in Pennsylvania, asking the congressional-hopefuls’ opinion on important criticisms of the leftward-shifting Democratic Party. The three-question survey pressed the candidates on their support for Nancy Pelosi as a potential Speaker of the House, the radical agenda of the Democratic Socialists of America and the call for violent action against the Trump Administration by Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA).

After a week, Democratic Congressional candidates have chosen to hide their true positions on these important issues from Pennsylvania voters, rather than being transparent with their constituents. Instead, these candidates, hoping to be carried by the alleged ‘Blue Wave,’ have chosen to hide from the tough questions.

Director of Communications for the Republican Party of Pennsylvania, Jason Gottesman, doubled down on the party’s effort to get answers from these Democratic Candidates:

“From PA-17 nominee Conor Lamb—who has voted with Nancy Pelosi nearly 90 percent of the time since getting to Washington—being praised by avowed Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders this past weekend to PA-7 nominee Susan Wild—who has come out in support of sanctuary cities and been endorsed by the Bernie Sanders-Maxine Waters-led Capitol Progressive Caucus—Pennsylvania Democrats are more-and-more complicit in a radical agenda by their silence on these matters….Pennsylvania voters who respect taxpayer dollars, capitalism, and public service should take note of the continued deafening silence in relation to these issues on behalf of Democrats running for Congress in this state, ” he said in a press release.

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Victor Davis Hanson

Amidst criticisms of the progressive shift of the Democratic Party, Congressional candidates across the country are forced to make decisions on ties to controversial leaders and policy positions within the party. Issues such as the rise in socialist policies and the possibility of another term as Speaker of the House for Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi will be make-or-break ballot issues for voters in 2018. Many who hope to partake in the Democratic ‘Blue Wave’ refuse to answer these questions, and are lacking transparency with voters; Pennsylvania Democratic candidates are no exception.