UC Irvine Professor Says Trump 'Violated First Amendment'

Posted: Jul 27, 2017 2:00 PM
UC Irvine Professor Says Trump 'Violated First Amendment'

Adding to the national standard of college campuses having a vendetta against President Trump, a University of California, Irvine professor recently accused the president of violating the First Amendment.

In a blog post, Dennis Silverman, a former professor at UCI, argued that President Trump’s retweet of the CNN body-slamming video was unconstitutional, despite the president’s promise to defend the Constitution:

“...retweeting of a doctored WWE video which now shows him pummeling his ‘fake news’ enemy CNN is a direct violation of the First Amendment’s freedom of speech, and of the press.”

The professor even went as far to imply that President Trump could be anti-Semitic for retweeting the infamous video, because the creator was in fact an anti-Semite.

“Had Trump exercised due diligence before retweeting what is now an anti-Semitic video from the POTUS site, he would have known that he was forfeiting his self-awarded ‘world’s least anti-Semitic person’ to his new position as the world’s most well-known promoter of an anti-Semitic site,” the retired professor continues, arguing that Trump could “be charged for not only violating the First Amendment’s freedom of the press, but also for attacking religions.”

Silverman then argues that Trump could be in “legal trouble” for “the use of a WWE copyrighted video and its unauthorized modification to be anti-CNN,” noting that the anonymous Reddit user responsible for creating the video “could be sued not just for copyright violation, but for dragging down the name of the WWE by associating it with attacking freedom of the press and anti-Semitism...“By retweeting such an illegally used and altered video, Trump may also be in legal trouble." (Campus Reform)

The California professor's sentiments are the epitome of the restless intolerance for President Trump that comes from leftists on college campuses. Any move that the president makes - policy change, cabinet nomination or otherwise - is deemed unworthy of even consideration by the progressive left that encompass college campuses nationwide. President Trump could, quite literally, endorse socialism and these leftists would still take issue with him. 

Professors on campuses have deprioritized educating America's young adults. Rather, engulfing college students with the liberal agenda is the goal; all the while, of course, berating any student who dares to think for themselves, or have a conservative opinion: 

The anti-Trump brigade is growing on college campuses across America, even now, half-a-year into his presidency. 

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