Sanders: Democratic Party Is An 'Absolute Failure'

Posted: Jun 12, 2017 2:00 PM
Sanders: Democratic Party Is An 'Absolute Failure'

Bernie Sanders had some harsh words for the Democratic Party, giving a reality check to the losing end of the political spectrum at the People’s Summit this weekend:


The former presidential hopeful called out Democratic Party leaders for their failing message, or lack thereof, and challenged the party to “finally figure out which side its on,” citing opposition to Wall Street and the fossil fuel industry, claiming that the Democratic Party has not been harsh enough on these big business groups. Bernie received an uproar in applause and “Bernie would have won” chants from attendees in the audience.

 Sanders is correct to call out the Democratic Party. Even the self-proclaimed socialist recognizes that resisting the president, yelling “shame, shame, shame,” at the Speaker of the House, and drawing impeachment articles with no basis all do not equal a winning strategy. The Democratic party currently offers no concrete policy message that aligns with the best interest of the American worker, and the neglect felt by average Americans showed in the 2016 election results. If Democrats want to stop losing, they need to #Resist their own party leadership and start identifying with the American people.