Liberal Author: We Need to Take Note From Dr. Seuss After London Attack

Posted: Jun 05, 2017 2:05 PM

The trend of Democrats refuting the reality that terrorism is a widespread issue and refusing to call radical Islamic extremism by its name is a growing movement based in denial. Liberal author Jodi Picoult, who penned the popular drama novels My Sister’s Keeper and 19 Minutes, recently weighed in on terror, making an absurd analogy:

This sentiment claiming that love is the long-awaited solution to terrorism is not the first of its kind, nor will it be the last to come from the left-wing of the political spectrum. In the wake of the June 2016 Orlando nightclub terrorist attack, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch claimed that the most effective weapons to combat terrorism are compassion, unity and love:


Democrats are too infatuated with the politically correct culture encompassing the United States to call the perpetrators of these continuous attacks what they are: radical Islamic terrorists. Former President Obama refused to associate terrorism with radical Islam simply because Muslims preferred he didn’t.

The Democratic party consistently criticizes President Trump’s travel ban, calling the order unconstitutional and an infringement on religious liberty, but saw no issue with a similar policy under former President Obama.The list of 7 countries under the ban was compiled by the Obama Administration and simply renewed by President Trump.There was no outrage from the Democratic party when the Obama Administration barred Iraqi immigrants for 6 months in 2011 by not processing visas. The executive order is not a Muslim ban. It bars immigrants from countries that have been proven to have links to terrorism, many of which have large Christian populations that are currently facing genocide. The Left only hates the travel ban when it is reinstated by President Trump, not when initiated by Obama.

The most crucial mistake consistently made by the Left is their making inclusivity and unlimited immigration priorities over domestic national security. The Democratic party is comprised of terrorist apologists who would rather defend radical Islamic terrorists than the American people. Opponents of the travel ban and President Trump’s proposed foreign policy are more concerned with offending certain groups than protecting the American people from groups that chant “Death to America” and want to wipe out American culture. The Left wants to befriend these groups, even though they have no interest in friendly relations with the United States,  rather than fight back.

Radical Islamic terrorism will not be eradicated with hugs and affection. These groups are the enemy of the American people and the values that the country was built on. Democrats’ denial of the extent of terroristic threats and absurd claims that terrorism can be fought with love adds to the pile of evidence that the Democratic party is out of touch with reality, and with the American people. 

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