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Message to Congress-Cut the Spending Now!

Last November, the Obama-Pelosi machine was stopped dead in its tracks as Republicans made their biggest single gain since 1948, gaining 63 seats in the House and 6 in the Senate. The message from the American people was clear: Stop the reckless spending!


Now, just half-a-year later, it seems our representatives have forgotten this message. Indeed, some Republicans seem to think it is ok to raise the debt ceiling without real spending cuts because it of "political necessities".

But isn't this the exact reason why the American people sent so many incumbents home last year? Why the Democrats, who oversaw one of the biggest spending increases in our history, were ousted and disgraced en masse?

Is this acceptable to you? Or do you believe that our congressmen must be held accountable to the American people, whose money they so irresponsibly waste on expanding entitlements, bailing out failed federal programs, and unnecessary foreign wars?

If you answered the latter, then check out this petition from Heritage Action for America, telling Congress to stop the spending now. No more excuses.

It takes more than elections and conservative policy proposals to get Washington's spending problem under control; it takes real conservatives putting real pressure on their Members of Congress.

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