Alaska Governor on the Energy Challenge Facing America

Posted: Sep 05, 2008 11:53 AM
Today, I was flipping through Business Week magazine and came across an interview between CNBC's Closing Bell anchor Maria Bartiromo and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin conducted on August 25 and August 27 – even before Palin gained the national spotlight as a Vice Presidential nominee.

It's called Sarah Palin on the Energy Challenge Facing America. The online version has the complete interview while the magazine focuses squarely on energy. Read the online version here.

One of the most telling quotes from the magazine article:
"In Alaska, we’re bursting with billions of barrels of oil that are warehoused underground.  We have to pump [this oil] and feed our hungry markets instead of relying on foreign sources.”
She goes on to say:
“I think some in Congress have misconceptions about what ANWR [the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge] is all about and what Alaska is all about.”
“No one cares more about Alaska’s wildlife and lands and water and air than Alaskans.  So, when Alaska says, ‘We’re ready, and we’re willing, and we’re able to develop, and we will make sure that wildlife is not adversely impacted,’ people have got to give us some credit here and respect our position on this.”

As Congress returns to work next week, it's vital that we hammer out a comprehensive energy strategy that expands exploration for oil and natural gas, as well as increases investment in energy alternatives and conservation. Governor Palin is right:  As the state most directly impacted by proposals to drill, Alaska’s input is important and shouldn’t be ignored.