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In Other News: Ferguson ‘Truthers’ Are Showing Up on the Left

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

Michelle Obama hosted an event at the White House honoring an Iranian holiday. Because, obviously, the Iranians will forget all about destroying the West when they notice Michelle’s healthy-food alternative for the celebration of Nowruz.


(White House Dossier)

Two cops are shot in retaliation for a police shooting that local, state, and federal authorities have said was completely justified; and how does Obama respond? A quick tweet, and an appearance on late night comedy television. The poor guy wasn’t able to squeeze a round of golf in there?

(Fox News)

President Obama has created a “Fantasy Tournament” for his liberal fans to vote on “the worst climate change denier” from the Republican Party… This is so classy and professional of him, it’s hard to imagine why the GOP doesn’t try to reach out to him a little more often.

(Weasel Zippers)

The City Manager for a nearby town has said that the two police officers in Ferguson were shot as part of a police/KKK conspiracy to win sympathy from an unwitting public. Also, you can see the wires attached to the astronauts during the “moon landing” footage of 1969, right?


Someone living near Hillary Clinton has a tremendous sense of humor: They have posted a “for sale” sign announcing that the Clintons are selling a “used email server” with a “clean hard drive.”


(Yahoo Finance)

Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s most senior advisor, has said she won’t leave the White House until the lights turn off… Are you kidding? I have a feeling the next administration will literally have to tranquilize her in order to “relocate” her off the White House grounds.

(New York Times)

So why is it that none of the government’s IT people noticed Hillary Clinton’s aversion to safe, secure, and official email systems? Well… because (and this is shocking) it turns out government is just not all that efficient. But we should let these folks run our healthcare, right?

(Fox News)

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