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In Other News: George Soros Funds Net Neutrality from Secret Volcano Lair

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

John Kerry said that Bibi Netanyahu cannot be trusted on Iran because the Israeli prime minister was stupid enough to support the invasion of Iraq under George Bush…Maybe Johnny forgot that he voted for the war, before he was against it...


(The Daily Beast)

Iran has a secret nuclear weapon facility… And John Kerry says we know about it. In a world ruled by common sense, this would be what they call a “deal breaker”.

(Free Beacon)

Remember that DHS report that said “right wing” groups were more of a domestic threat than ISIS? Well, it turns out that is not what the report said… That’s what CNN said the report said. I feel like Brian Williams might have been doing some free-lance work while on suspension.


George Soros and the Ford Foundation have dumped nearly $200 million into supporting net-neutrality… Doesn’t George Soros have a lair deep inside of a volcano somewhere, or something?

(Washington Examiner)

It turns out that many taxpayers who owe the Obamacare tax are deciding not to pay it. Consider it self-implemented exemptions to the individual mandate… See, Mr. President: We have our own pens and phones.

(Washington Times)

An MSNBC host feels sorry for the guy who was found guilty of murdering American sniper Chris Kyle because now “his life is ruined”. Sometimes the stupid hurts.

(Daily Caller)


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