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In Other News: Obama Admin Focuses on “Right-Wing” Extremism

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

Four cities have set all time record temperature lows, with a number of others reaching previous lows… Al Gore was unavailable for comment.



The Department of Homeland Security has “leaked” (read: “spoon-fed to willing leftist media”) a report that alleges domestic terrorism from right-wing groups is as big a threat as radical Islam… I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before the GOP is listed as an official terrorist organization.


It turns out that the Cold War isn’t really over. Russia has confirmed joint military operations with Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua. Someone’s going to have to get out the Ouija board and get in touch with JFK if Putin decides to park some nukes in the Caribbean.

(Free Beacon) has confirmed that they sent out incorrect tax information to roughly 800,000 customers. And so, once again the government proves that it is fully capable of complicating people’s lives.

(Fox News)

Ezra Klein’s Vox “news” outlet says that women shouldn’t carry guns on a college campus because most rapes and sexual assaults happen “without physical force”. In other words: Because some women will be drugged before they get raped, all the other women shouldn’t be able to defend themselves from a violent attacker… Only a liberal would think this makes sense.



Having full control over your healthcare is, apparently, not enough nannyism for this government. The Feds also want to tax sweets, encourage vegetarianism, and electronically track the time you spend watching TV… I suddenly have the urge to sit down with a Lucky Strike and a hamburger for a “Walking Dead” marathon.

(Free Beacon)

If I remember my history correctly, the colonists got a little uppity when King George ignored their impromptu tea party in the Boston Harbor. Washington, DC should probably try to keep that in mind before writing off the impromptu tea party that Rick Santelli sparked – on the floor of the CME in Chicago – six years ago.


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