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In Other News: Obama Sets Up A Customer Service Hotline for Illegal Immigrants

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

Leaked documents show that the Swiss bank HSBC was actively involved in advising wealthy clients on how to avoid taxes… So, when I make my millions, I know where I’m going to bank.


(The Guardian)

Obama’s Department of Homeland Security has set up a hotline for illegals to call if they feel harassed by immigration officials. Basically, Obama’s executive amnesty has replaced deportation with a customer service satisfaction survey.

(Washington Times)

It turns out that all the weather data “proving” global warming was little more than a hoax. Data collected over the last several decades was “adjusted” by researchers and government funded scientists to show a warming trend that did not actually exist. It’s almost as if Brian Williams was in charge of the project.


Obama told VOX that most media outlets “absolutely” overstate the threat of terrorism compared to climate change… Right. Because genocidal fanatics with a penchant for beheading isn’t nearly as unnerving as some scandal-plagued theory pushed by data-tinkering scientists with undependable computer models.


(Free Beacon)

The Obama administration said it would not meet with Benjamin Netanyahu in the run-up to the Israeli elections because it wouldn’t appear impartial… But allowing high ranking Administration officials to meet with Netanyahu’s main opponent is apparently “kosher”.

(Israel Today)

Attorney General Eric Holder said that his stewardship of the DOJ was the best in the history of the world… And that he’s a naturally humble guy.

(Fox News)

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