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In Other News: Iraqis Like American Sniper; Progressives Furious

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

So far every single for-profit venture started by Al Sharpton has been shut down for failure to pay taxes. Maybe Obama should focus less on taxing foreign profits, and a little more on making sure his sycophants cough up their “fair share”.


(National Review)

Was it the worst play call in Super Bowl history? The Seattle Seahawks looked kinda like the GOP toward the end of the game, as they constantly got in their own way.

(NY Post)

A reporter at the Independent has described the White House as being “incandescent with rage” over Netanyahu’s upcoming address to Congress. Isn’t that illegal? Aren’t we supposed to switch over to compact fluorescents?


We know that “progressives” don’t like it, but how did Iraqis like American Sniper? Well… Apparently they loved it. So far, only terrorists and liberals seem to have a problem with Chris Kyle killing bunch of bad guys.

(Fox News)

April Ryan, a White House reporter with American Urban Radio Networks, said she will “probably cry” when Obama leaves office. She might want to visit with Chris Matthews about that thrill running up his leg.

(Washington Examiner)

Congress is pushing for Obama to seek congressional approval over any deal with Iran. Unsurprisingly, the imperial President is threatening to veto such legislation, because behaving like the executive of a democratic republic is such a bore…


(J Post)

An elementary student has been suspended for making “terroristic threats” after he threatened to turn a classmate invisible using the ring from the Hobbit. I guess the school is really serious about this whole “zero tolerance” thing. It makes you wonder if imaginary friends need visitor badges.

(Daily Mail)

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