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In Other News: John Kerry to France: "Will you be my Valentine?"

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

John Kerry said he brought France a “hug” after the Charlie Hebdo attacks. (Yes, he actually described his trip to France as a “hug” for the French people.) I guess the Hallmark card got lost in the mail.



Lithuania is compiling a list of ways the ordinary citizen can help resist Russian forces should Vladimir Putin decide to invade. Advice includes things like “organize demonstrations through Twitter”… May I suggest they take a look at a short 27 word Amendment to the US Constitution for some guidance instead?

(Yahoo News)

A gunman has surrendered to French authorities after taking several hostages in a Post Office in France. That whole “gun free” zone - known as Paris - is really working out.


A Chicago strip club has been honored for “helping improve the neighborhood” by being a good business. There is, after all, nothing quite like a building full of scantily clad women to help lift the morale of a dull neighborhood.


According to the White House, radical Islamists (not their choice of words) hate us because of Gitmo and Bush… Because obviously before Bush, Jihadists were well known for sending delicious fruit baskets in an effort to convert the infidels.


(You Tube)

The top Obamacare official (ya know, the lady that helped with the healthcare.gov rollout, and later lied about how many people signed up?) is officially stepping down. I sure hope she can take her health insurance with her to her next job.

(The Hill)


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