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In Other News: Watch Out for those Militant Buddhists!

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

Radical leftists are on the verge of gaining power in Greece… Because a little socialist central planning is exactly what is needed to fix a mountain of debt and crippling entitlement obligations created by the last group of socialist central planners.


(The Guardian)

The Pope is urging the UN to tackle global warming. The Guardian newspaper says his actions will upset “deniers” in the US… Deniers? Deniers of Christ, our lord and savior, or deniers of Al Gore’s scandal-plagued hoax known as global cooling global warming climate change manbearpig?

(The Guardian)

The Council on American Islamic Relations is warning the world about the dangers of militant Buddhists. I’ll double check the numbers, but I don’t really remember hearing a lot about Buddhist monks launching lone-wolf meditation attacks on high-value targets.

(Weasel Zippers)

The government has a new retirement savings plan for people who feel like trusting the government with their cash. The “ObamaFund” (not an official term) will have exactly one investment option: US Debt. I don’t see what could possibly go wrong.

(Wall Street Journal)

President Obama continues to insist that the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq is not Islamic… Naturally, this is causing a little frustration among the people charged with combating the “non-Islamic” ideology of the Islamic State. (Oh, and you can keep your religion if you like your religion.)

(Daily Caller)

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