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In Other News: Huff Post Accidentally Stumbles Into Agreement with NRA

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

A guy in a military uniform was called out for being a fake. How do we know he was a fake? Well, if you sweat that much trying to explain why your uniform is wrong, you probably wouldn’t hold up too well under small arms fire.


(Fox News)

So, how are those talks with Iran going? In other news: Iran has some new military hardware, including missiles, warships and torpedoes… So these talks seem to be going really well (for Iran).

(Free Beacon)

A Huffington Post writer was pondering ways to protect black individuals in America, when he suddenly stumbled across a strange idea (for a liberal): encourage law-abiding black people to own guns… HuffPo, this isn’t a new idea. The NRA has been way ahead of you on this one.

(Huffington Post)

This college kid wrote an op-ed about how he “deserved” to get robbed at gun point, because he’s a privileged white male. So if you’ve fallen on hard times, there’s a student at Georgetown University who is apparently an easy target.


We officially have more than $18 trillion in National debt. (For those of you studying common-core math, that means debt has increased roughly 70 percent under Obama.) But at least it was all money well-spent… Government websites, IRS corruption, and clandestine gun-running operations don’t come cheap you know.

(Zero Hedge)

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