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In Other News: Merry Christmas! Now Obama is Taxing Your Christmas Tree

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

So according to Democrats (like Jonathan Gruber), Paul Ryan wants to throw Granny off a cliff… Dems just want to call her stupid, and lie to her face.


(Daily Caller)

The USDA is taxing Christmas Trees this year… I think it’s pretty obvious that Santa set up shop in the North Pole in order to avoid the corporate tax structure of America.


The State Department has been targeted by hackers, and their entire computer system has been shut down. It’s unclear how the department plans to continue its hashtag diplomacy with limited internet connectivity.

(Associated Press)

We’re being Grubered again: The official Obamacare Facebook page is, according to the Washington Post, pretty much a hoax. The vast majority of comments and followers are from a small group of individuals pretending to represent a larger group of citizens… So, it’s kinda like an election in Chicago.

(Washington Times)

A Wisconsin public school named after Obama is living up to its namesake… It’s failing.

(EAG News)

David Axelrod called Jonathan Gruber “stupid”. So what does that make all the people who took his advice, David?

(Daily Caller)

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