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Don't Take The Lincoln Project's Bait

AP Photo/Chris O'Meara, File

With former President Trump releasing statements criticizing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on his social media platform Truth Social, the left-wing, faux-conservative organization The Lincoln Project is once again circulating an ad attempting to stir up more animosity between the former president and successful governor, who just crushed his Democratic opponent by nearly 20 points on Election Day.


The ad, first tweeted out by The Lincoln Project in July and retweeted by the organization two days after the midterms, is a direct message to the former president, warning him that Ron DeSantis is out to replace him as party leader.

"It's hard to watch, isn't it, Donald? Ron DeSantis betrayed you to become a star," the ad begins, without providing examples of this "betrayal."

"Winning straw polls and fans, they're running to Ron. And Ron's running against you. You made him, and he betrayed you. He's laughing at you, running against you. He's taking everything from you," it continues, ignoring the fact that the Florida governor has not declared a 2024 presidential run or answered questions about his presidential aspirations.

The political ad is just another troll job by The Lincoln Project to foment division between President Trump, who has teased a 2024 presidential campaign announcement next Tuesday, and DeSantis, the most popular Republican governor in the country. But not only is this ad focused on creating a rift between DeSantis and Trump, it seeks to divide Republican voters.


Some on social media have already called this ad an "endorsement" of Ron DeSantis. Others have said DeSantis must disavow the ad, while more have stated it solidifies their support for the former president because it somehow proves DeSantis is a pawn of the political establishment and left.

Let the record show The Lincoln Project is no fan of Ron DeSantis.

The grifters of the organization have said that "Ron DeSantis is turning Florida into an authoritarian state" and "Communist East Germany." They have called him a "mean-spirited, spiteful little man." They lied about and criticized his leadership and rapid response to the devastation of Hurricane Ian in an attempt to score political points. A simple Twitter search reveals even more attacks.

In reality, The Lincoln Project may fear Ron DeSantis more than Donald Trump, as a different tweet from August exposes the organization's purpose behind its attack ad.


Regardless of what happens in the coming weeks following President Trump's presumed presidential announcement event on Tuesday, regardless of whether Ron DeSantis runs for president or not, Republicans should not allow an outside, non-GOP organization like The Lincoln Project to dictate their support for a candidate. The mission of The Lincoln Project is not to help the country, "preserve democracy," or support "true conservative" candidates. It's to make as much money as possible, elect Democrats, and divide the Republican Party and its voters.

Don't take the bait.

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