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Trans Lawmaker Charged With Sexually Exploiting Children Is a 'Woman,' Says Biden's DOJ

Townhall Media

Content Warning: This article contains graphic descriptions of child sexual abuse. Reader discretion is advised.

The first openly transgender-identifying person to be elected to a state legislature, an LGBTQ darling of the Democrat Party, has shattered another glass ceiling as America's first trans lawmaker federally charged with sexually exploiting children, who were three-year-old toddlers. Of course, President Joe Biden's inclusive Justice Department found it imperative to not only respect—but affirm—the alleged pedophile's gender identity in the DOJ's announcement of the child pornography-related charges

Laughton wearing an "LGBTQ+ elected official" pin | Facebook

39-year-old Barry a.k.a. "Stacie Marie" Laughton, previously a celebrated New Hampshire state representative, was charged on July 18 with one count of sexual exploitation of children—and aiding and abetting. In the official U.S. Attorney's Office for the District of Massachusetts press release, the Biden administration's woke Department of Justice calls the razor-burned biological male with a five o'clock shadow "a woman." And, throughout the criminal affidavit, the Homeland Security special agent uses Laughton's preferred "she/her" pronouns when detailing the defendant's disturbing sexual fantasies about preschool-aged children, which included the transsexual suspect's disgusting and depraved desire to "put my d*ck inside one of the little girls."

According to the charging documents, Laughton exchanged over 10,000 texts with a former "intimate partner," 38-year-old Lindsay Groves, a child caretaker at Creative Minds daycare in Tyngsborough, Massachusetts, where the pair discussed raping children and the transfer of child sexual abuse images (CSAM) that Groves had taken during diaper change of kids in her care.

The pictures involved four sexually explicit photographs that Groves, who worked for six years at the learning center as an early childhood teacher, allegedly took of three children—all approximately around the age of three—with their pants pulled below the knee and their genitals exposed. In each image, the "focal point" is positioned on the penises of two toddler-aged boys and the vaginal area of a little girl. Groves, primarily assigned to the facility's preschool room, "is posing the child inappropriately such that she can focus the camera on each child's unclothed genitalia," the probable cause statement alleges, adding that the fourth picture of a half-naked little boy dressed in a zip-up dinosaur top depicts the childcare provider reaching toward the child's penis.

Laughton's child-rape fantasies about a three-year-old girl | DOJ criminal complaint

In a police interrogation about the iPhone-shot photographs sent to Laughton for "sexual gratification," Groves told investigators that the transgender legislator asked her to produce the child pornography, the affidavit alleges. Groves confessed to using the children's bathroom breaks, which were routine diaper and pull-up changes prior to naptime, between May 2022 and June 2023 to capture the nude images, forcing the kids to pull their shirts upward toward their heads so their vision would be obscured while their underwear was pulled down to their ankles. Groves also accused Laughton of directing her to touch the one boy's penis.

Groves mugshot | Courtesty of Nashua Police Department

Among the trove of messages, Laughton allegedly texted Groves on June 7, 2023: "I had always wanted to put my d*ck inside one of the little girls you work with." To which, Groves responded, according to the affidavit: "I want to do it with the kids at work than [sic] you can put your d*ck inside them." That same day, Laughton asked Groves, "So you would let me f*ck the little girls that you work with[?]" and "Would you let the little girls suck my d*ck[?]" Groves replied, "It's their choice." A week later, Laughton messaged: "I also thought it would be OK to f*ck them but I mean if a dildo of my size can go in a girl that you were playing with my d*ck should be able to comfortably go in the girls at work..." Groves answered, "They [the children] do want a dildo in them."

Laughton fantasizing about raping toddlers | DOJ criminal complaint

"I have to try to find all the dildos that I have. I think I lost a lot of them in the move," Laughton texted on June 13, describing "the big mechanical one which is too big for them" and "another little vibrating" sex toy that's a ribbed, multi-setting silicon device.

Laughton discussing sexually assaulting toddlers with dildos | DOJ criminal complaint

Allegedly sending two of the aforementioned photos, depicting the private parts of the little girl and one of the boys—both three-year-olds attending Creative Minds, Groves told Laughton: "I took these for you today so I'm horny." Referring to the little girl, Laughton texted, "I would like to see more of the p*ssy," calling the child porn "f*cking hot." Then, Laughton asked, "Is that one of the girls we get to play with[?]" and "Do you think she would like sucking me and me rubbing my d*ck on her?" Laughton said it's "a bummer she wont let me put my d*ck inside of her." Groves said, "She's not even 3 yet." Laughton replied, "Yeah, I know."

Laughton sexualizing a toddler-aged girl | DOJ criminal complaint

The next day, Groves allegedly sent Laughton a picture of the other three-year-old boy's penis. "I also need to be honest I mean yes that picture was hot of that little boy but you probably have gotten the picture by now that I prefer a little girls, but he is cute. I'd like to see you put your hand around his penis," Laughton told Groves. The following day, Laughton requested that if Groves "take one or 2 today can you hold the d*ck or put your finger in the girl[?]" and "kiss there [sic] d*ck or kiss the p*ssy." Groves affirmed, "I'll do my best." Then, on June 16, Groves allegedly sent the fourth photo, with her hand near the first boy's penis.

Laughton, a self-proclaimed minister "ordained" by the non-denominational Universal Life Church Ministries, which offers free online ordination to "anyone who feels so-called," also asked Groves via text message if she thinks "God is OK with us being bad girls[?]" and "Do you think we still have a place in heaven?" After Groves replied affirmatively that God "thinks you be a great minister," Laughton wrote, "God is OK with us sucking d*ck in your p*ssies the way we want to and the stuff with the kids."

Self-declared "Reverend" Laughton, a bell-ringing Salvation Army elf around Christmastime, of the self-founded Nashua Kindness Project Ministry posted 30-minute videos delivering sermons and nightly prayers on a YouTube channel, where Laughton doubled as the parking lot-dancing radio personality "DJ Buzz" of the self-operated SLL Radio NH network.

@sllradionh_dj_buzz Let’s dance, let’s party let’s not care who’s watching #sllradionh #trevortomlinson #DerryNH #NashuaNH #Pride2023 #TrandPride #Funny #Dancing #NH ♬ Drop A Bomb - R3HAB Remix - Riotron & Big Freedia & R3HAB

Donning a "She/Her" pin and an African kente clergy stole, oft-worn by performative white Democrats (e.g. Nancy Pelosi) and black college graduates whose ancestors are from the Bronx, Laughton frequently preached: "Praise in the darkness." Laughton charged $50 to perform various services, such as same-sex marriages, baptisms, Christenings, funerals, and spiritual guidance.

Amid the Dylan Mulvaney controversy embroiling brewing giant Anheuser-Busch, an out-of-breath Laughton promoted Bud Light in a YouTube video and a TikTok clip. "I'm a trans woman here in America. I believe a good beer when I see one," Laughton said.

It's not like there weren't warning signs. The pimple-faced, greasy, straggly-haired, and crooked-toothed Laughton, with a receding hairline to match, is a walking red flag. Laughton's extensive criminal history stretches back more than a decade.

In 2012, Laughton secured a state House of Representatives seat, but did not take office then, stepping down before the term even began, due to past 2008 felony convictions for identity fraud raising concerns about being fit to serve. "Never once did I think that I was deceiving anybody or was doing any sort of wrong to the voters," Laughton, born Barry Charles Jr., remarked on the resignation. Some believed that Laughton's legal name-change in 2010 helped fool the electorate, at least the first time.

Laughton outside the New Hampshire state Capitol after winning the House race, again | Facebook

In 2015, Laughton was charged in connection with a bomb threat called into a nearby hospital, the Southern New Hampshire Medical Center. "I wasn't trying to hurt anyone. It was totally out of character for me," Laughton, blaming "mental illness," insisted. Around the time, the state Ballot Law Commission had denied Laughton's request to run again, agreeing with the attorney general's office that priors on the criminal record disqualified the convicted felon, but Laughton's bid would be eligible when the suspended sentence ended. In 2021, after winning the 2020 general election, Laughton was arrested and charged with a multitude of criminal counts for repeatedly providing false information to 911, several of which the state House Democrat was convicted of. "I am somebody who has been in trouble with the law in the past and I've come a long way," Laughton told WMUR.

(Political action committee LGBTQ+ Victory Fund, which is dedicated to increasing the number of LGBTQ+ public officials in the United States, applauded Laughton's 2020 victory as "breaking new ground" in its annual report on an "unprecedented year.")

Laughton initially denied the accusations alleging routine abuse of the 911 emergency-response system. "This is a situation of spoofing," Laughton said. "We're trying to get to the bottom of it." Critical of the media's coverage, calling the reporting "very biased," Laughton stated that "it's really sad to see people paint such a negative picture of me and not get the other side."

In a Facebook video, Laughton further claimed: "The device was cloned."

Nine of the 12 charges were dropped, but convictions on the others ordered Laughton to perform community service, participate in a peer-support program, and maintain good behavior. But, days after winning the 2022 midterms thanks to Democrat voters, the thrice-elected Laughton resigned once more from office after being arrested on stalking charges and violating a restraining order that prohibited Laughton from posting on social media about a female victim, a Facebook post that landed Laughton in jail.

Most of Laughton's fellow Democrats remained silent on the stalking incident, but Rep. Timothy Horrigan publicly defended the career criminal: "[For what it's worth], Rep. Laughton is a lifelong Granite Stater. She's gotten into a lot of trouble over the years & she keeps getting into trouble. But she's basically a good person. She's not violent or abusive, or harmful to anyone but herself."

Last month, Laughton was arrested on June 22 by Nashua Police Department detectives on a felony arrest warrant and charged with four counts of distribution of child sexual abuse images. Laughton was held on "preventative detention" and arraigned.

On July 28, Laughton is scheduled to appear at a federal courthouse in Boston to be formally charged.

Groves was also arrested on June 22 by NPD officers on felony child-porn charges. Groves was federally charged by criminal complaint with one count of sexual exploitation of children and one count of distributing child pornography. At the time, Laughton was not named in the Groves affidavit, only identified as "PERSON 1," with whom Groves was in an "intimate relationship."

Laughton commenting on Groves' old Facebook profile picture

Following a hearing in the Groves case on July 13, a federal judge took the prosecution's motion for detention "under advisement." As of now, Groves remains in New Hampshire state custody until a decision is made. The public defender representing Groves has filed a motion for pre-trial release, arguing that the daycare worker-turned-alleged child abuser is "not a danger to the community" nor a flight risk and requesting that she be released to the custody of her parents, whom she lives with.

"Ms. Groves is fortunate that she has a strong family support system who stand by her despite the allegations in this case. Through counsel, they have been advised of the graphic nature of the charges and they continue to support her. Ms. Grove's mother, specifically, has been in constant contact with counsel as the case has proceeded and her parents continue in their desire for her to return to live in their family home," the motion, which Townhall obtained a copy of, says, noting that Groves has lived with her parents almost her entire life. "In fact, in her one attempt to move out of the house and live with her partner in New Hampshire, she moved back in a week. In other words, she is not mentally or physically capable of fleeing," the motion argues.

The mother of one of the abused boys enrolled in the daycare has since filed a civil suit against Creative Minds, the Boston Herald reports. The business had been informed as early as 2018 by a parent that Groves, who was employed by the center since 2017, "was inappropriately touching children under their care," the suit alleges, claiming that the program was warned again of the worker's on-site abusive activity in October 2022, but "did nothing to protect the children from Lindsay Groves."

If convicted of the federal child-sexual-exploitation charge, Laughton faces at least a 15-year prison sentence and up to 30 years behind bars, a five-year minimum to a lifetime of supervised release, and a fine of up to $250,000. A conviction for Groves means she faces the same for the former, plus a minimum incarceration sentence of five years with a 20-year maximum in prison, at least five years and up to a lifetime of supervised release, and a fine of up to $250,000 for the child-porn distribution charge.

As for Groves' local charges, a court clerk's notes reportedly conclude that "the state case is expected to be dismissed soon."

The federal investigation is ongoing in the U.S. v. Laughton and U.S. v. Groves cases.

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