Marine Faces Termination for Refusing to Pay Teacher's Union Fee

Posted: Jun 10, 2010 8:19 PM
Maj. Stephen Godin, a retired U.S. Marine-turned-ROTC instructor, says he faces termination if he doesn't pay a $500 union fee--a fee he doesn't want to pay because he already receives medical and dental benefits from the military.  Fox News reports:
He has been teaching for the Educational Association for Worcester (Mass.) for 15 years -- including 14 at North High School -- without having to join the union or pay an "agency fee" toward the cost of collective bargaining.

"I just want to save my job here," the 58-year-old father of two said. "I've been doing this for 15 years. Nobody has ever told me to join the union or be terminated."

Godin, who earns roughly $75,000 a year, said he has asked for arbitration no fewer than five times, but has not received a response from the teacher's union. He said he received a letter last month from Worcester Public School officials indicating he will be fired on June 15 if he fails to pay the agency fee.

"It's really nothing," Godin said of the amount. "It's the principal of the matter. I think they're trying to extort money from me. They do nothing for me." ...
An official with the Massachusetts Teachers Association said state law requires public employees -- including teachers at public schools -- to join unions as a condition of employment or to pay an agency fee.
Godin, who retired from the Marines in 1994 after logging more than 2,000-plus hours flying F-4 Phantoms and five overseas deployments, said he has not hired an attorney.
"That would cost me money, too," he said.
Haha--I love this guy.  Keep up the good fight, Major!