RNC Chair Calls for Rahm's Resignation

Posted: Jun 05, 2010 10:07 AM
In the party's weekly address, RNC chairman Michael Steele alluded to the reported offers the White House made to two Democrats in exchange for their cooperation in their Democratic primary elections.  Steele said it's time for the White House's Chicago-style politics to end and suggested chief of staff Rahm Emanuel be the first to step forward and resign:
"Why would the White House enlist the help of such a high-profile surrogate like former President Bill Clinton ... over such a low-profile, unpaid position, and all with a Congressman who couldn't even accept the job anyway? ... If Rahm Emanuel has been offering government goodies to inconvenient politicians threatening Democrat incumbents, then it's time for him to resign. If it comes out that the President knew about any of it, then we have a larger problem."
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