Census Whistleblowers: Gov't is Inflating Jobs Numbers

Posted: Jun 04, 2010 4:15 PM
The NY Post reports that Census whistleblowers are accusing the federal government of hiring, dismissing and RE-hiring Census workers in order to inflate the number of "jobs created."  Very interesting, considering 95% of the jobs created last month were gov't jobs...

A couple weeks ago I found out that Census was repeatedly hiring and firing workers without any apparent reason...

Here are some other workers' stories.

* I was hired four times by the Census Bureau: spring 2009 for address canvassing; fall 2009 for general quarters verification; late winter 2010 as a quality assurance clerk; and, spring 2010 [as an] enumerator non-response follow-up. I've just been laid off. In each case I spent more time training and going to meetings than actually working. Please don't use my name, I still may be called back.

* I was hired four times, counting last year and this. There's lots of waste and poor management. I've wondered about the handheld computer (used by door-to-door workers.) I've no idea how many of these were purchased. They were only used last year in one effort and my understanding is there were a lot of problems.

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