Goldman Sachs Taps Ex-White House Counsel

Posted: Apr 19, 2010 9:16 PM
Months ago, conservative talker Glenn Beck claimed he'd been tipped off by an insider that White House counsel Greg Craig would be leaving his post and be replaced by Fox hater/Mao lover then-communications director Anita Dunn's husband Bob Bauer--Barack Obama's personal attorney.  After weeks of repeatedly denying he was leaving, Craig abruptly resigned last November and was immediately succeeded by--surprise!--Bob Bauer. 

Now comes news that Craig has been hired by Goldman Sachs to assist in political and legal matters.  As you've probably heard, Goldman Sachs is currently facing SEC charges of securities fraud.  According to a source familiar with the situation, Craig "is clearly an attorney of eminence and has a deep understanding of the legal process and the world of Washington.  And those are important worlds for everybody in finance right now."

Given Craig's nickname--the "lawyer of the Left"--I'd say his connections within the Democratic Party and the Obama White House are valuable assets to Goldman Sachs at this point. 

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