Liberals Lash Out at Glenn Beck... in Haiku

Posted: Apr 07, 2010 11:47 AM
Liberals and progressives are counting their syllables today and striking out today at conservative radio and Fox News host Glenn Beck today right where it hurts: on twitter.

An organized movement began a "twitterstorm" this morning, tweeting haikus against Glenn Beck.  The group, Jewish Fund for Justice headquartered at, says it plans to send "one haiku a minute directly to Glenn Beck for 24 straight hours."  Big ouch.

The group is protesting comments Beck made in the past, warning viewers to steer clear of churches which profess "social justice" through Marxist means.  Instead, Beck has urged listeners and viewers to embrace spreading hope, faith and charity on an individual level, not through forced government redistribution. 

From a quick look at the progress of the "twitterstorm," the progressives are getting bombed with messages in SUPPORT of Beck and his message.  A few of my favs so far include:

savethiscountry: Love the #becku tweets / it shows me who I should block / illiterate libs

TexasTrucker: Peace is the hammer / The truth will be the anvil / Tyranny will fail

DonConroy1977: Obamanomics: / Trickle-up poverty and / expensive freebies.

And finally not a haiku, but still well said:

pir8gold: God took care of socialism when he said "Thou shall not covet.."