Let the Democrats' Blame Games Begin!

Posted: Jan 19, 2010 5:26 PM
Tempers are flaring this afternoon and blame is being thrown back-and-forth between Democrats in D.C. and Massachusetts--all this and the polls haven't even closed yet! 

A memo from one Coakley advisor is wagging the finger at Democrats in D.C. for hurting the state attorney general's campaign to replace Ted Kennedy in the U.S. Senate.  The memo (via Politico) reads:
National Dems Failed to Aid Coakley Until Too Late

— Coakley campaign provided national Democrats with all poll results since early December

— Coakley campaign noted concerns about "apathy" and failure of national Democrats to contribute early in December. Coakley campaign noted fundraising concerns throughout December and requested national Democratic help.

— DNC and other Dem organizations did not engage until the week before the election, much too late to aid Coakley operation
In addition, the Coakley memo states that it was peoples' "concerns about national Democrats" that aided Brown in closing the 20-point gap over the last month of the campaign.  Specifically, the memo blames President Obama's health care,  cap-and-trade, and Afghanistan policies for Coakley's downfall.  At least the Coakley camp can acknowledge the American people don't like the Obama administration's policies...

Meanwhile, the Democratic Party is furiously firing back at the Coakley camp, saying:

This memo is a pack full of lies and fantasies — The DNC and the DSCC did everything they were asked and have been involved in the race for several weeks, not just the last one.

The campaign failed to recognize this threat, failed to keep Coakley on the campaign trail, failed to create a negative narrative about Brown, failed to stay on the air in December while he was running a brilliant campaign. It's wishful thinking from a pollster, candidate and campaign team that were caught napping and are going to allow one of the worst debacles in American political history to happen on their watch that they are at the 11th hour are going to blame others.

Before the DNC and DSCC got involved there was barely a single piece of paper on what the narrative is on Brown. The candidate in this race and the campaign have been involved in the worst case of political malpractice in memory and they aren't going to be able to spin themselves out of this with a memo full of lies.

In addition, White House officials have also weighed-in on this cat fight, as one administration official wrote to Politico, "It's a little mind-boggling to see political consultants spin the election before the election is even over. There's only one reason to do that."

ME-OW.  These kitties have claws.

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