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"Phantom Districts" Now Number 440; Cost Taxpayers $6.4 BILLION

With the continuing investigation into where exactly the taxpayer-funded stimulus funds have gone to, who originally broke the story has compiled a complete list of 440 congressional districts the Obama administration claims created jobs--none of which actually exist.  The total cost for these 440 districts is an astonishing $6.4 billion out of the $190 billion that has been spent so far. 

The top money recipients are pretty surprising.  The largest amount of money going to these "phantom" districts has been awarded to Puerto Rico's non-existent 11 congressional districts; in all, these districts have received nearly $2 BILLION--$1,934,569,528.00 to be exact. 

Other notable territories receiving stimulus money are Guam ($220,981,564); the Northern Mariana Islands ($44,325,353) and the District of Columbia ($2,792,048,590).  Somehow "human error" created 12 congressional districts WITHIN Washington, D.C.  Hm.

Check out the full list below to see the phantom districts (and phantom jobs) where else our money has disappeared to:

Recovery's Phantom Districts -

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