ACORN Suing Federal Government Over Denied Funds

Posted: Nov 12, 2009 3:39 PM
The suit, which was filed in New York's federal court, claims that the bills passed in both the Senate and the House to cut off funding to the group are unconstitutional:
ACORN claims that the legislation was of “malicious and punitive intent.” The suit also claims Congress violated the Fifth Amendment by skirting due process before doling out the punishment of the funding cut. OMB Director Peter Orszag and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner are listed as co-defendants in the suit. ...

The lawsuit, which was brought by the Center for Constitutional Rights, says that ACORN has been subject to “heavily funded and orchestrated political campaigns.”

But this effort represents a complete reversal from ACORN, which emphasized to reporters and the public that the money it received from the federal government was not essential to its existence.

Now the group is taking a bold step to restore its federal funding by accusing Congress of violating the Constitution.

H/T: BigGovernment