HuffPo Ignores Dunn's Praise for Mao, Mocks Beck for Crying On-Air

Posted: Oct 16, 2009 6:11 AM
I wish I could say I was surprised by the lack of serious attention given to Glenn Beck's show yesterday, during which he uncovered video revealing White House Communications Director Anita Dunn's affinity for Chinese Communist Mao Tse Tung

But the Huffington Post has chosen to ignore the entire, oh, 55 minutes of the 60-min. show dedicated to the disturbing connections between White House officials and Marxist ideology.  Instead, HuffPo chose to mock Beck for tearing-up during a short monologue in which he discussed America in a "simpler time," and lamented how politicians can not return the country to this simpler time, only drive us further away from it.  In fact, the front-page HuffPo story makes absolutely no reference to Dunn whatsoever. 

In addition, liberal lapdog "watchdog" Media Matters chose to run the entire transcript of Beck's segment on Dunn, but defends Dunn by saying Beck's claims of her idolatry of Mao were false and that she only likes Mao's "political philosophy," not his atrocities.

Ah, well that's much better.  So Anita Dunn might not necessarily agree with the senseless murder of over 70 million people, but I have to wonder what of Mao's "political philosophy" attracted Dunn's attention so much?  Was it Mao's violent guerrilla revolution?  Was it Mao's idea of "winning hearts and minds" through "re-education"--a plan that alone killed an estimated 20 million in Mao's system of prison-factories and labor camps, tools for "educating" the masses on collectivism, obedience and communal living? 

Was it his plans for government-sponsored torture, famine, forced labor, political assassinations, ethnic cleansing or class genocide on its own people?  Was it his "Great Leap Forward" which killed millions through widespread starvation?  Or maybe Dunn agreed with Mao when he defended his murder, saying, "We have so many people, we can afford to lose a few."

Maybe it wasn't necessarily his Maoist tendencies, but rather his Marxist ideals that initially attracted Dunn to Mao. 

Maybe Dunn can tell us: what was it about this reprehensible, brutal dictator that you find so intriguing?  Better yet, does President Obama share your respect for this monster?  You've been working with Obama for years, surely you've had conversations about political philosophy...

Would it EVER be acceptable for a senior White House staffer to declare affinity for Adolf Hitler's philosophies?  How about Stalin?  Oh my, could you IMAGINE the press salivating over a story of a White House official with declared admiration for Hitler during the Bush administration?  Of course at that time the press didn't even need a videotaped declaration, but made its own characterizations...

Why then should the Leftist radicals in the Obama White House be treated any different?