Re: ACORN Prostitution Investigation

Posted: Sep 10, 2009 9:06 PM
To follow-up on the explosive story that broke earlier today, the AP is now reporting that the two ACORN workers featured in the undercover video footage have been dismissed from their jobs working for the organization.  In a statement, Maryland ACORN board member Margaret Williams said the employees "did not meet ACORN's standards of professionalism."

Sigh.  We all know how high those ACORN standards are.

In addition, Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) released his own statement today, calling for a fresh congressional investigation into the organization.  King responded to the Fox News report, saying:
Taxpayers should be outraged that their money has gone to an organization that, in addition to facing charges of voter fraud and tax violations, is willing to facilitate prostitution.  As this video confirms, ACORN continues to operate as a criminal enterprise.  Nancy Pelosi, John Conyers, Barney Frank and other Democrats on Capitol Hill continue to protect and fund ACORN while blocking Congressional hearings on ACORN's operations and finances.  Shielding ACORN from oversight ensures that this partisan criminal enterprise will continue its shady practices while collecting taxpayer funds."