Iraq Vet Returns Home to Family Tragedy

Posted: Aug 28, 2009 1:05 PM
I just received a message from a friend of mine, asking for prayers for a family facing unimaginable tragedy in Colorado:

Donnie and Carole Ferguson were on the road, traveling to welcome their son Chris home from Iraq.  The Fergusons were heading to Fort Carson, Colo., to meet their son's military plane.  But about 80 miles into Colorado on Interstate 76, Carole lost control of the family's vehicle.  In a roll-over accident, Donnie Ferguson died immediately, according to Colorado State Police.

When Chris Ferguson stepped off his plane at Fort Carson, he received the tragic news of his father's death.  Chris' mom Carole had to be taken by helicopter to be treated from injuries sustained during the accident.  Fortunately, the couple's baby grandson who had also been in the vehicle was spared as well, having sustained some non-life-threatening injuries. 

Chris Ferguson had followed in his father's own Army footsteps and was shipped out to Basra just weeks after his July 7, 2008 wedding to wife Dyana.  His mother-in-law commented to local press that "[Chris] comes home from Iraq expecting to see a happy family, and he has a tragedy facing him."

Meanwhile, Chris' mother Carole, who had been driving the vehicle at the time of the accident, was released last Thursday from the hospital.  She is being charged with a "misdemeanor count of careless driving that caused a death."  She will appear in Washington County, Colo., court in 60 days. 
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