"Obama as Hitler" -- Exposed as Leftist Plant

Posted: Aug 12, 2009 2:35 PM
When Nancy Pelosi claimed to have witnessed angry protestors at town hall meetings carry Nazi propaganda, we were all left puzzled. Where had she seen this? With no photo proof, she seemed like the only person in America who had witnessed this kind of behavior. That was, until last Thursday.

Last Thursday, a young man (in red stripes) showed up at a town hall with Congressman John Dingell carrying this sign: 


Aha! The mainstream media has video evidence that the vast right-wing conspiracy is pedaling Hitler propaganda in order to stifle the health care debate! Or do they? As Greg's post earlier today showed, a couple who had attended this town hall appeared on Neil Cavuto's Fox show and reported that the young African American gentleman carrying the sign was actually a Dingell supporter! Following the meeting, the young man was seen actually handing out pro-Dingell campaign literature!   Uh-oh, a hole is appearing in Pelosi's spin...

Turns out that if the MSM had done their homework, they would've found this image originated from the website of Lyndon LaRouche, a Leftist who has unsuccessfully run for president a total of 8 times: 1 time for the U.S. Labor Party, and 7 times for the Democratic party. On his website, LaRouche encourages people to oppose "Obama's Nazi Health Plan," and claims that "Hitler is whispering in Obama's ear."

If the MSM had investigated a little further, they could've let Nancy Pelosi know that the original image even appeared with LaRouche's name on it, shown here:


So, sorry to burst your bubble, Nancy Pelosi, but this case of "un-American" "astro-turf" mob behavior came from the Left side of the aisle, not the Right.
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