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AP Photo/Armin Durgut

In Teaneck, New Jersey, some of its Jewish residents feel they’ve gone back in time to the pogroms in Europe. The Gaza War has led to pro-Hamas lunatics viciously unleashing their antisemitism. Jewish businesses are being targeted as if this is somehow going to change the minds of many about Israel and its justified anti-terror war in the Gaza Strip. 


If anything, when I read these instances of pro-terrorist activists terrorizing innocent bystanders in our country, it only makes me want Israel to pummel Gaza further, and they are. Victory against Hamas will happen. They’re trapped and have nowhere to go. Even Egypt doesn’t want these people in their country, nor does any neighboring Arab nation, because the Palestinians export only two things: terrorism and political instability. 

Regardless, Karol Markowicz’s March 22 article about how these pro-Hamas lunatics mobilize and gather to commit these acts of terror in Teaneck reeks of the Klan and their night-riding campaigns. They tried doing that again last night [See update below] (via NY Post): 

Over the last few weekends, a car rally called “All out for Palestine” has targeted the town, the home of the second-largest Jewish population in New Jersey. 

The meetup location of the protesters is in Paterson, at the Islamic Center of Passaic County: Cars drive from there nearly 13 miles to Teaneck. 

A social-media post for the rally menacingly adds, “Once we arrive at [sic] destination further action will be determined.” 

The point is to harass Jews, and everyone knows it. 

Police recently arrested two people shooting paintball guns at Jews, but have told residents there isn’t much more they can do as the protesters have First Amendment rights. 

They do — but Jews have also been spat on, followed and harassed, none of which is protected by the Bill of Rights. 

It’s hard to overlook the lack of outcry from outside Teaneck. 

If white supremacists were driving through majority-black towns with swastikas, you’d see think pieces and outraged articles about the event, not a defense of them in the name of free speech. 

People would volunteer to protect the townspeople. 

No such protection is forthcoming for Teaneck.


And no, this isn’t a two equal sides debate. One side is gathering to harass Jewish people because of a war that was started by a genocidal terror group whose leadership is also comprised of idiots. The other side wants to live in Teaneck and go about their day like normal, non-terrorist-supporting Americans.

 It's now April 1, and these pro-Hamas clowns were at it again over the weekend:


UPDATE: Pro-Hamas armies tried to night ride again in Teaneck last night, but pro-Israel supporters were ready for them:


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