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AP Photo/Lynne Sladky

The polling usually showed an irritating paradox for Republican strategists: Donald Trump’s agenda was popular, but the man was not. The latter is what weighed more on the minds of voters. It was the deciding factor in the 2020 election for those voters on the fence, but that could be changing. In one of the most critical re-election questions, Americans say they’re worse off than they were four years ago. And this isn’t based on conservative polling; it’s from Washington Post/ABC News. 


Credit card debt is at record highs, inflation remains intolerable, and the real estate crisis threatens to sink us all. On top of a crumbling economy, we have hordes of antisemitic and pro-terrorist activists cheering on Hamas, climbing posts to remove American flags on Veterans Day. Joe Biden seems ill-equipped to execute his duties as president. He’s done well to ward off the pro-Hamas elements within the Democratic Party, but there are clusters of pro-terrorist voters that dot states where Biden needs to win in 2024. In truth, no one likes this guy, even Democrats, who would jump on someone else’s ship if it were available.

Even the most ardent anti-Trump voices are now saying that if things continue to slide, they might have to vote for Trump begrudgingly. It’s a real coup: the man the Left described as Captain Chaos could see some of the staunchest Trump haters vote for him because Joe is that bad. And they’re from some of the most liberal enclaves in the country. Michael Rapaport, an actor and comedian, hates Trump with every fiber of his being but noted the antisemitism, failing economy, and all-around disorder might make him pull the lever for the former president. However, he’ll still call him crude names (via Fox News) [Warning: some graphic language]:


 Rapaport, who’s well known for his explicit anti-Trump epithets on social media, made the stunning admission during his podcast this week, clips of which went viral on social media platform X. 

During the episode, the comedian broke into a passionate rant about the current plight of Israel in its struggle against Hamas. He railed about the barbarity of the terror group in the attacks it committed in Israel last month and in its treatment of the Palestinian people as well. 

Rapaport also took direct aim at pro-Palestinian leftists in America marching against Israel and the Jewish community. 

He ripped the antisemitism, stating, "The openly anti-Jewish comments online, ripping down posters, ‘F--- the Jews,’ ‘Hitler this, that and the third’ – Hitler’s your hero? You love Hitler? You think he was dope? F--- you! You think Hamas is dope? F--- you!" 

After railing against the anti-Jewish hatred in America, Rapaport went on to claim that if the Biden administration doesn’t get it under control, voting for Trump might be the option. 

"I’ve had conversations with some of my – if it comes down to pig d--- Donald Trump and Smokin’ Joe Biden, I’m sorry. I am sorry. Voting for pig d--- Donald Trump is on the table. I’m sorry!" 

He continued, saying, "I’ll still call him slob d--- Donald Trump, pig d--- Donald Trump, and all that. But we need to get this whole f----- situation under control." 


If someone who cannot stand the Donald is saying he might vote for him because Joe can’t hack it, I doubt he’s alone. 

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