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The Leaning Tower of Pisa Has Fallen

AP Photo/Armin Durgut

Wasn’t the new Italian prime minister supposed to crack down on this nonsense? Giorgia Meloni, who leads Italy’s new right-wing government, was supposedly going to crack down on migrants running amok, among other things. Like most big promises politicians make, political realities have apparently obstructed what she wants to do. 


Now, they could use a crackdown of another sort because Hamas-sympathizing activists stormed the Tower of Pisa and hung a massive Palestinian flag: 

The number of pro-Hamas supporters in the United States and abroad has been disconcerting. It’s not about Palestinian or human rights. We’ve had people infiltrate their rallies. It’s all about killing Jews and destroying the state of Israel. Arab polling also shows that this mythical two-state solution cannot exist with ‘ordinary’ Palestinians wanting virtually what Hamas wants in their mission statement: the annihilation of Israel. They also have a very positive view of the terror group, garnering 75 percent with similar numbers approving of the October 7 attacks. 


Waving this flag only means one thing: you support the terrorists, and you’re an antisemite.

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