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This Woman Was a Popular Liberal Account on Twitter. She Also Never Existed.


In April, there was something was off with “Erica Marsh.”  She seemed too stupid to be taken seriously, even though “she” had a series of viral tweets. Marsh established herself as a liberal account that got attention, though many were undoubtedly hate clicks. If progressive America had to pick one account to be their voice on this platform, “Ms. March” would be the winner. If not, a deputy spokeswoman for her dedication to peddling left-wing red meat catchphrases and attacks. 


During tax month, “Marsh” decided to weigh in on former Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s primary defeat tweeting, “The defeat of Lori Lightfoot, Chicago's first Black female Mayor and first openly gay mayor speaks to the racism and homophobia that candidates still face in major U.S. cities.” Lightfoot was defeated by Brandon Johnson, a black man, and the current mayor of the Windy City. 

And there were other posts as well: 

Ron DeSantis is a modern day Hitler. If elected President, we will be living in a modern day Nazi Germany. 

The Republican Party is a modern day Nazi Party. Change my mind. 

Her account was a stream of liberal nonsense, which anyone playing with a full deck would conclude is parody or troll-bait. I put quotes around her name because there’s a new development in the life of “Erica Marsh,” a former field organizer for the Joe Biden campaign and Obama Foundation volunteer: She never existed.

Greg Boulden appears to have cracked the case, linking the account to a Belgian firm, which led to one of its executives threatening a lawsuit. Regardless, “Erica Marsh” is no more, as the account has been suspended.


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