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Biden's Press Secretary Retweeted Something a Little Embarassing

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

If one White House staffer is safe from any threat of termination, it’s Karine Jean-Pierre. She cannot be fired — it would be a scandal. The first black, lesbian White House press secretary terminated for being outright terrible at her job would create a progressive backlash that could leech into the 2024 elections season. 

Ms. Pierre isn’t a villainous character, but she is horrible at her job, and it’s not just conservatives who notice. Political operatives within her party also seem to cringe when she takes the podium. The Biden classified document fiasco, which is ongoing, shined a bright light on the incompetence within the White House press room. Ms. Pierre isn’t built for crises, with some of the Democrats’ top communications strategists pondering whether a special spokesperson should be appointed to handle any questions involving Joe Biden leaving state secrets everywhere. She can’t go off script, and apparently, she doesn’t even know which media outlets aren’t friendly to her or her boss because she retweeted us

Yes, Karine Grey Poupon retweeted a clip Townhall made which mocked her, and she shared it. She cannot delete it, so it remains on her feed for all to see as a matter of public record. 

Regarding trip-ups, this isn’t the biggest boo-boo to hit the Biden White House. We appreciate the exposure, Karine. We’re now an endorsed media outlet by the Biden administration, albeit accidentally. We’ll take it. 

We just thought you or one of your staffers would know we don’t like you or your boss politically. This social media error is small compared to the high inflation crisis, the proxy war with Russia in Ukraine, the ongoing economic recession, the looming real estate crisis, and the banking system’s integrity being chipped away under your boss’ watch.

But I apologize to Ms. Poupon — she probably hasn’t noticed us or any other outlet since she’s too busy lying about the secure southern border. 



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